Drug and Alcohol Rehab For Athletes

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Designed for Athletes

Admitting a drug or alcohol problem can be difficult for anyone, but even more so for athletes. Often, from a very young age, athletes are under pressure from family, coaches, fans and themselves to excel on and off the field.

Athletes are taught never to surrender, never quit and win at all cost. Those messages can work fine in the game itself. But off the field, they can hinder the athlete from admitting a dependency problem … thus worsening his or her addiction.

Bradford offers a program that can make a drug or alcohol problem easier to recognize, accept and get treatment for.  Our inpatient rehab program provides a safe environment to treat withdrawal’s physical and behavioral effects. Partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient treatment also are available.

Features and benefits of our Athletes Program:

  • Patients receive a multidisciplinary assessment to determine their need for treatment.
  • Medical detoxification and stabilization are provided by medical staff 24 hours a day.
  • Counseling is based on 12-Step principles and provided in individual, group and specialized sessions.
  • Family members join the patient in learning about addiction and the family’s role in recovery.
  • Continuing care, regular monitoring and ongoing connection to a 12-Step program help recovering athletes remain clean and sober.


For more information about our Drug and Alcohol program for Athletes or for immediate, confidential help, call us at 1-888-577-0012, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We’re here for you, around the clock.

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