Addiction is a disease that can begin early in life. There is no minimum age requirement. The causes and effects of addiction among adolescents, however, can be very different from adults. Therefore, the adolescent’s path to recovery can also be very different. That’s why Bradford Health Services’ adolescent program offers comprehensive, individualized treatment for young people. The program is designed to help teenagers and their families find their way back from substance abuse and behavioral problems. Treatment is designed to address the special needs of adolescents, emphasizing individualized academic programs, therapy through recreation, and proven clinical approaches. The program is structured, stimulating, and challenging. It focuses on teenagers from 13 to 18 years old and their families.


  • All patients receive a multidisciplinary assessment to determine the need for treatment.
  • Medical detoxification and medical stabilization are provided 24 hours a day as needed.
  • Our residential inpatient program provides a safe, protected, supervised environment for withdrawal caused by the physical and behavioral complications associated with addiction. Patients are divided into small treatment groups headed by licensed counselors. Counseling is provided through individual, group, and specialized sessions.
  • Certified educators assists patients with their school work.
  • Family programs are a vital part of treatment. Family members join the patient and learn about addiction, family roles, parenting, and how the entire family can recover together. Family members are encouraged to attend Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon meetings.
  • Partial hospitalization is provided as the risk of withdrawal subsides, physical complications improve, and emotional crisis diminishes.
  • Intensive outpatient treatment allows continued therapy and relapse prevention education. Patients reside at home and return to school.
  • Continuing care provides long-term stability through regular monitoring and connection to the treatment program. The 12-Step Program helps adolescents remain clean and sober through peer fellowship and support.
  • Adventure-based programs teach patients to challenge their own self-imposed limits. They teach self-confidence, trust, teamwork, and respect for others.

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