Outpatient and Educational Programs

At Bradford, we’ve created additional offerings for people battling addiction(s) and/or seeking information.

These include:

Outpatient (OP) Services
These treatment services include individual, group and/or family sessions … offered on a flexible schedule with a licensed counselor. Our outpatient services are ideal for someone with substance-use disorder who can be successful in a non-restrictive setting. They also can benefit a person moving from a more intensive program along the continuum of care. The patient receives continual assessment, treatment planning and individualized therapies to achieve goals that are set collaboratively.

Education Services
Along with early intervention programs, our education services address problems and risk factors that appear to be related to substance use. Offerings include information on addiction’s warning signs and consultation for people who’ve experienced negative consequences of using alcohol and/or drugs. The goal of intervention is to reduce the need for additional substance-abuse treatment in the future.

Features and benefits:

  • treatment and care delivered by Bradford’s licensed experts
  • information on identifying and addressing a dependency on alcohol and/or other drugs
  • access to a range of resources on addiction prevention and treatment
  • complete confidentiality

For more information about our Outpatient and Educational Programs, or for immediate, confidential help, call us at 1-888-577-0012, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We’re here for you, around the clock.

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