Intensive Outpatient Programs

Our continuum-of-care approach means that we’re here for patients and their families each step of recovery.

As patients progress in adult and adolescent rehab treatment, their risk of relapse lessens and they may return home. Yet they must continue to work under closely monitored conditions … which they do in Bradford’s Intensive Outpatient Program.

This program permits clinically appropriate patients to stay in their home overnight, while attending daytime sessions that treat their risk of relapse and any environmental issues. The program also treats any emotional stressors that the treatment team considers less critical. This program permits clinically appropriate patients to remain at home while attending evening or perhaps daytime sessions’ that treat their risk of relapse and any environmental issues.

When it’s appropriate, some patients may enter treatment through the Intensive Outpatient Program, because it, too, helps individuals in the early stages of chemical dependency.

Features and benefits:

  • Several times a week, patients attend special sessions designed to treat their continual risk of relapse and environmental stressors (triggers).
  • In this program, patients can remain at home and get care locally.
  • Some patients, while residing at home, often can return to work or school while receiving services.
  • Patients get to spend more time with their loved ones and draw strength from their support.

For more information about our Intensive Outpatient Program, or for immediate, confidential help, call us at 1-888-577-0012, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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