Treatment Center

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Tuscaloosa, AL 35405
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Adult Extended Care
Adult Continuing Care
General Family Support
General 12-Step Meeting


12-Step Program Immersion

Life Skills Development

Career Exploration and College Readiness


Recovery begins with an intimate understanding of 12-step Immersion.  Residents learn the basic teachings of AA and NA.  They actively participate in the recovery process of their peers as well as their own.  They learn interpersonal skills to improve relationships with family, community, and self.  Women learn to find enjoyment in sobriety.

Personal Growth and Development

Life Skills Development assists women to learn to make their health and safety a primary concern.  Attention is given to housing, transportation, financial management, and decision making. Focus is given to individual responsibilities for personal and social relationships.


Self-worth and self-esteem are hallmarks of the program.  Residents learn to examine how family of origin, past and current relationships, violence, abuse, and their own self-image have effected them.  Women learn to use meditation and relaxation as coping mechanisms.


A good candidate for care:

  • Women needing help to transition back to college or into a career
  • Women that struggle with relationships, body image, grief, or trauma
  • Has difficulty with self and peer acceptance
  • Lacks direction and goals in the areas of employment, responsibility, and accountability

Key Services provided:

  • 12-step Immersion Program
  • Academic and career readiness
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Life skills program
  • Access to strong clinical programming
  • 24/7 staffing and mentoring
  • Well developed, strong family programming
  • 6-month program with an option to transition to a recovery residence to reinforce and practice newly acquired healthy skills
  • Trauma Informed Evidence Based accessible services including trauma, grief, individual therapy, full psychiatric assessment through the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine at the University of Alabama.

A Reprieve for Women is based in a home in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, featuring 7 and a half bedrooms and 7 and a half bathrooms. The home will house sixteen women during the program.  The home is garnered with a media room, pool, group rooms, and the program will boast family style dining prepared by a chef.

To learn more about A Reprieve for Women, or for admission information, please contact us today at (205) 409-9042.