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Faith-Based Rehab Programs

The most flourishing addiction rehab programs tailor treatment to the individual’s clinical, emotional, and spiritual needs. For those who feel connected to their faith, their spiritual needs may require reflecting upon the principles of their faith while they work towards recovery. In these cases, the right fit may be a faith-based rehab program.

What is Faith-Based Rehab?

“A faith-based program is a combination between a recovery-focused program and a specific type of existing faith in God,” explains Pastor David Padgett, Pastoral Director of Bradford’s Christian-based rehab program, Steps of Faith. While often incorporating proven methods, such as the 12-Steps, faith-based rehab programs focus heavily on biblical principles and scripture and how they relate to recovery.

Pastor David broke down the relationship between Alcohol Anonymous’ 12-Steps and faith, saying, “The fundamental steps of AA are based in Biblical Principles.” This similar ideology allows people in faith-based rehab programs to easily relate the scripture from biblical texts, such as The Bible.  

How is Faith-Based Rehab Different than “Regular Rehab”?

Since many rehab programs teach the spiritual aspects of the 12-Steps ideology, it’s easy to think all 12-Step programs are “faith-based.”

“A typical rehab program allows the freedom to start from scratch and develop a particular belief or understanding of the higher power,” describes Pastor David. However, Pastor David points out that the core difference between ‘regular rehab’ and a faith-based program is the definition and understanding of a higher power. ‘Regular Rehab’ allows people to create their own perception of something greater, whether it is religious or not. 

On the other hand, Faith-Based Programs teach people to use what they already know from their biblical texts. “When you combine recovery methods with an actual Faith, you are beginning the process with the understanding of what the higher power is,” states Pastor David. 

“A person can go ahead and start digging into treatment programs with a prior understanding of who their higher power is,” explains Pastor David on the benefits of faith-based rehab. The patient already has a clear interpretation of a higher power, allowing them to draw from their faith to understand the principles of their treatment. 

What makes Bradford’s Steps of Faith Unique?

No other faith-based rehab program in the state of Alabama is like Steps of Faith. “The beauty of Steps of Faith is that Bradford is a world-class facility where their clinical and medical treatments and the 12-step approach have been highly successful for a number of years,” said Pastor David. 

Steps of Faith focuses on biblical principles, relating different scriptures to each of the 12-steps. The ability to mesh this Christ-centered approach with Bradford’s proven existing approach creates a unique treatment combination. It’s this dual-minded approach that makes Steps of Faith special.

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