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Faith-Based Rehab Programs: Answering Your Questions About Bradford’s Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith, a specialty (faith-based) rehab program at Bradford, provides addiction treatment focusing on biblical principles, relating different scriptures to each of the 12 Steps. Combining a Christ-centered approach and proven clinical methods creates a unique rehab program for those looking to strengthen their relationship with God on their road to recovery.

How is Steps of Faith Different than other Faith-Based Rehab Programs?

There are no other faith-based rehab programs in the state of Alabama like Steps of Faith. Our dual-minded approach to providing drug and alcohol addiction treatment is truly unique. “The beauty of Steps of Faith is that it includes spiritual teaching with Bradford’s world-class care and facility,” says Pastor David. “The clinical and medical treatments and the 12 Step approach have been proven successful for a number of years.”

Do I have to be Associated with a Specific Church to Participate in Steps of Faith

While Steps of Faith teaches biblical and spiritual principles, it is not affiliated with a particular church or Christian denomination. “We base our approach for Steps of Faith on what the Bible says,” explains Pastor David.

Additionally, the 12 Steps are also based on biblical principles, meaning there are many parallels with teachings in the Bible. Steps of Faith builds on these similarities, using scripture to help a person find strength and support in recovery.

Does Bradford’s Faith-Based Program Rely Solely on The Bible?

The teachings of the Bible are central in most faith-based recovery programs, including Steps of Faith. However, there is a variety of literature and resources beneficial to building a foundation of recovery.

“God will use any means or mechanism to speak to us and help us grow,” says Pastor David.

At Steps of Faith, we encourage our patients to study whatever text inspires them to seek spiritual balance. We also encourage our Steps of Faith alumni to find the community that best supports them in their sobriety, whether a faith-based group meeting or not.

“In addition to the church, we encourage patients to utilize AA and other fellowships in their area,” Pastor David added. Recovery is a constant battle, and people must use every tool that they have at their disposal.

Does Steps of Faith Focus on “Praying Away” Addiction?

This is one of the most common misconceptions of any faith-based program. This notion could not be further from the truth with Steps of Faith. Prayer is an essential part of Steps of Faith, but it is not the only focal point.

“Steps of Faith combines the proven clinical methods of Bradford’s traditional rehab programs with a Christ-centered setting with the process of spiritual growth,” said Pastor David. “In the program, we do pray, but our patients also still receive therapy and follow the 12 Steps and study the Big Book.”

Do Insurances Cover Steps of Faith?

Many insurance providers cover Steps of Faith, like the majority of Bradford’s programs. To verify your insurance benefits, click here.

Are you seeking a faith-based addiction treatment program? Mention Steps of Faith to a Care Coordinator in Live Chat or by phone at 888-SOBER-40 to learn more about our program.