Specialty Treatment specially developed for certain professions and specific needs.

  • 28-Day Program

    The structured therapeutic daily schedule and specialty groups are designed to address issues that either preceded or have exacerbated substance abuse.

  • Athletes Program

    Admitting a drug or alcohol problem can be difficult for anyone, but even more so for athletes. Bradford offers a specifically designed program that can make an athlete’s drug or alcohol problem easier to recognize and accept, thus allowing treatment to begin.

  • Extended Care Program

    The Extended Care Program offers an alternative to the typical treatment protocol by providing additional time for more intensive care.

  • Healthcare Professional Program

    The extended treatment provided through Bradford’s Healthcare Professional Program (HCP) is ideal for physicians, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, veterinarians, and others in the healthcare field. Healthcare professionals receive treatment designed to address their unique needs, licensing issues, and re-entry into their specific area of practice.

  • Law Enforcement First Responders Program

    Bradford's law enforcement and first responders program offers services designed to assist these dedicated professionals in addressing the issues specific to their high-stress profession so that recovery can begin right away.

  • Legal Professional Program

    This absence of balance can cause legal professionals to ignore their own problems and needs. Bradford offers services specifically designed to make acknowledgement and acceptance of a drug or alcohol problem easier so that treatment and recovery can begin.

  • Military Personnel Program

    The never-surrender, never-quit attitude that generally serves people in the military so well can also make them prone to deny any sign of personal weakness – including a drug or alcohol problem. Bradford's Military Program offers these individuals a safe and caring environment tailored to meet their specific needs.